Vision To Duplicate

Our passion is to help the millions of orphans across the world to know the LORD intimately, and to serve HIM with all their hearts. Every child is a gift from GOD, and every child has gifts from GOD to share with the world. However, orphans seldom have opportunities to be trained in their area of GOD given expertise. As a whole, they are the impoverished outcasts who barely survive and end up far from the purposes of GOD.

With the orphan need being so great, and with our vision in mind, we are seeking ways to duplicate our methods throughout the world. With more and more small businesses becoming available to our Life Centers and our Promise Lands, we are seeking to strategically place the Promise Land Projects throughout the nations to help provide for the overwhelming needs of the children.

Duplicating Ourselves in the Children

We are also seeking to pass our vision down to the next generation of children, whom we are raising in the Life Centers and Promise Lands, so that they will carry the passion and torch of CHRIST's light and salvation to the next generation. We are seeking to empower those who have a gift in business to be successful for Kingdom endeavors and, ultimately, fund the Life Centers and Promise Land Projects.

Our commitment is to find ways in which to make your donation go farther, last longer, and create a snowball effect that turns into an avalanche of provision for GOD's purposes. We believe that your giving should produce a lasting impact on the children and help to transform the nations they live in for the Glory of GOD.