There are over 200 million orphaned or abandoned children in our world today. They have no mother to feed them when they are hungry, no place to lay their head when they are tired, and no one to give them medicine when they are sick. These children are crying out for help and Mission One Million's desire is to meet their needs through loving and devoted sponsors like you. From the moment we reach these children we tell them that God has a great purpose for their life, and this begins the rebuilding of their self-worth and confidence.


When you sponsor a child, our commitment to you is that 80%, if not more, of your $30 a month goes to meet the needs of the child. We have others that have committed to supporting us administratively so more of your support goes directly to the need. We are committed to the utmost integrity in this area of child sponsorship so that you, as the donor, can feel confident with your financial support.


When you sponsor a child you enable us to reach out to young girls and boys and give them the love that every child needs, along with providing them with the basic necessities of food, shelter, medical care and an education.


By sponsoring a child for $30 a month you can transform a life that will revolutionize the world. A majority of our children graduate from college and become teachers, nurses, pastors, missionaries and orphan caregivers.


Prayer is a daily routine for our children because they are taught and understand that the Lord is their provider and He will meet their needs.


  • Individualized care and attention, which consists of a stable up-bringing where Christian adults supervise and nurture the children as parents would, encouraging them academically, emotionally and spiritually. This environment assists the children in establishing their understanding of God's love and acceptance.
  • Christian training, with an introduction to Jesus Christ, inviting each child to grab hold of the tender guiding hand of the Savior, and encouraging them to trust and live out the mighty, all encompassing plan of the Father.
  • Health care and training, which consists of medical check-ups, dental care, vaccinations, referrals to appropriate medical professionals, instruction in physical and dental hygiene, exercise, nutrition, and sanitation.
  • Learning opportunities, including attending school and regular


Above all, we are committed to giving every child the opportunity of knowing Jesus Christ as their personal Savior by helping them understand God's love through teaching and demonstrating His love in every way possible. Our goal is to offer life-saving help and hope, enabling children to reach their God-given potential..


"I have known the President, Chris Leeper, for a number of years and when I think about him I think of a man who is committed to the highest integrity and a man with a huge heart for deprived and desperate children. The vision he has for reaching one million orphaned children sends chills down my back and it excites me to no end."-Pastor Jeff Stine . We are so committed to these children that a minimum of 80 percent of your sponsorship support goes directly to our programs and activities that provide spiritually, emotionally, and physically for our needy children. Our goal is to take a child from the brink of survival to abundant life as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Discover the joy of helping a boy or girl whose whole life will change because of your love!