rec_don_hammer“It is such a pleasure for our church to support the work of Mission One Million because we know that every dollar spent goes to the need and is used for what it is designated for.” Donald Hamer Former Pastor of Zion Christian Fellowship

rec_don_hammer“Chris is a fine leader and a good preacher and has a heart of compassion for the orphans. He is even willing to walk to the length and breadth of the United States to raise funds for one million orphans. He has compassion and a burning desire for this work” Bishop Dr. M.A. Thomas - Founder of Hopegivers International 

rec_don_wilhite“The passion that M1M has for reaching orphans and building churches is truly God driven . . . I have unwavering trust in Chris’s character and commitment in seeing the ‘Great Commission’ realized and accomplished through God’s Orphan Army. It is a personal honor to me to call Chris my friend and fellow laborer in the Lord’s service” - Don Wilhite (Senior Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church & Treasurer of Hopegivers International)
unnamedOur organization is very selective in who we partner with as we are looking for those with a depth of passion for Christ, spiritual and financial integrity, alongside a long-term vision for sustainable impact at a regional level. M1M’s work in India is fulfilling each of these criteria as they assist the indigenous Church of India to arise and carry out the mission of Jesus by effectively equipping them to reach their families, communities, cities and nation for Christ. Already the testimonies we have seen coming from M1M’s work are tremendously encouraging and we believe that much more is in store in the days ahead. Their vision to reach one million orphans is something that comes from the heart of God and I have personally witnessed the difference M1M’s work is making among the orphans of India. Thank you M1M for the labors you have invested in this land of great need and great opportunity! Only heaven will know all the difference that has been made through your sacrifice. - Chris Vennetti (Bondservant/President Disciple Nations International)
unnamedI am proud to be associated with Mission One Million (M1M). I found M1M to be a very effective mission organization. I have observed that monies are wisely used, with the majority of finances going to support the M1M orphanages. Administrative costs are kept to a minimal amount. In India, M1M has an administrator, Stephen who is dedicated to the work of the ministry and has proven to be very trust worthy. I know him personally and have traveled with Stephen. He loves the Lord Jesus Christ and is committed to his nation being discipled to the kingdom of God. I highly recommend M1M as a worthy Mission to support with you financial resources. - George Runyan, M.A. ( Director of City Church Ministries in San Diego, CA)