reports_send_binaryIn 1999, God called Chris and Carlene Leeper to go on a mission trip to India. While on that trip, the Lord revealed the incredible need that India has for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as the estimated 86 million orphaned, abandoned or street children longing for food, a home and the love of CHRIST.Nearly two years later, God used a forty-day fast to call Chris and Carlene into full-time missions work, at which point they then worked with a ministry in India that had over 6,000 orphans and had planted nearly 6,400 churches. They observed the taking in and raising of the orphans to become nurses, teachers, pastors, missionaries and orphan-care facilitators. For the first time,, Chris and Carlene observed a system that not only provided for the needs of the children, but was also giving the children guidance to become leaders and valuable assets to their community and country.

In October 2003, Mission One Million was formed to reach and raise one million orphaned and abandoned children in order to expand Christianity by supporting and raising up indigenous missionaries, and planting churches in the least evangelized, most populated and poorest third-world countries.