• Sponsor a Child for $30 a month
  • Build a Life Center
  • Help us start a small self sustaining business
  • To support an entire orphanage for the life of the children
  • Help us develop the Promise Land by building and developing a (Picture of the Land Diagram)
  • School for World Changers
  • Dorms for CHRIST-like Leaders
  • Kitchen and Dining Room for Kingdom Builders
  • Church for equipping the Young Saints
  • Bible School for Missionaries
  • Nursing College for Kingdom Healers
  • Business College for Market Place Ministers
  • Put Your Hand to the Plow
  • Go on a short term mission trip to connect with the vision, children and our leaders, and minister to their needs.
  • Become an advocate or administrator
  • Help us communicate the vision and need
  • Go on an extended trip to equip, help and develop the work.
  • Become a fulltime missionary developing the work here or abroad.

We believe that GOD is a FATHER to the fatherless and, through the Holy SPIRIT, HE want us to father these children. Won't you join us in raising the orphaned children to be World Changers?