Mission One Million was created in October 2003 to meet the needs of the orphaned and abandoned children, to expand Christianity by supporting and raising up missionaries, and to plant churches in the least evangelized, most populated and poorest third-world countries.


Kingdom Kids – Our plan for the orphaned or abandoned children is to raise them to become the best at what God calls them to do, and to give them the ability and opportunity to accomplish God’s call in their lives. Whether the child’s desire is to become a nurse, pastor, business owner, teacher, or orphan-care facilitator, they will be trained to understand that whatever they do it is for the glory and advancement of God’s Kingdom.

Indigenous Pastors – Our objective is to empower pastors to live at their highest level of Kingdom potential. We are committed to teaching the principles of the Holy Altar Lifestyle, believing it to be the catalyst and foundation for a prosperous ministry. We also seek to financially support those who have shown true diligence and commitment to GOD’s purposes, and yet truly need financial help to reach the difficult areas in the third-world.

Life Centers – A Life Center is a church/orphanage combination.  It is one of the best ways to advance the gospel in a region and help desperate children at the same time. Pastors are helped by having a place of worship and a home to live in; the community is blessed by experiencing the love of CHRIST through the care of the children; and the orphaned children are raised in the house of GOD as Samuel was raised with the priests around the tabernacle.